DW Burnett is a automotive and motorsports photographer from Brooklyn, New York who loves cars. But he doesn’t love writing about himself in the third person.

Hi! There, that’s better. Most people call me Dave, but some people call me PUPPYKNUCKLES, thanks to the blog I started a few years ago. Music was my first love, and I first came to New York City to pursue a degree in music performance at The New School. I continue to play drums regularly (for money, even!), but ever since I started combining my passion for cars with the creative action of photography, there’s been no looking back.

As a racetrack photographer, I’ve covered Formula One, NASCAR, Indycar, IMSA Sportscar Championship, and all kinds of grassroots racing. I love it all. I’m currently a contributing editor at Road & Track, and my other clients include Jalopnik, The Drive, Time Inc., Yahoo! Motors, Michelin, DuJour Media, American Endurance Racing, American Muscle, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, Monticello Motor Club, and Lime Rock Park/Lime Rock Driver’s Club.

So, Dave, why DW Burnett? Well, it turns out there is already a photographer named Dave Burnett, he’s quite famous, and was winning awards before I was old enough to tie my shoes, so… DW Burnett.  Just to avoid any confusion.

Can I call you PUPPYKNUCKLES? Sure, call me whatever you want. Just call. Contact info is below.

DW Burnett Photography
475 Kent Avenue #205
Brooklyn, NY 11249

(917) 754-3698
[email protected]